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Since its beginning, Pro-Pest Solutions has built its business and excellent reputation on fostering long-lasting, prosperous relationships. Our goal is total client satisfaction, and we believe our service excellence sets us apart from other providers on the Oregon coast. With over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry you can rest assured we will do the job right the first time.

The Pro-Pest Advantage

There are as many reasons to call the Pro-Pest experts as there are pests that can make your home or workplace uncomfortable and unhealthy to live or work in.

We have dependably served Oregon as a family owned and operated business. We are proud of our unique ability to build repeat business through our effectiveness, value, professionalism and reliability.

While many pest control companies insist that you pay up front before they will perform any work, Pro-Pest does not. We have many plans to help you afford the service you need. We want your repeat business because we did such a great job the first time and every time.

Here are some additional highlights of the Pro-Pest Advantage:

The Personal Touch – When you call, you’ll talk to a live Pro-Pest staff person, not an answering machine, Unless all lines are busy, then leave a message and we will call you right back.

Entomologist on Staff At All Times - Because pests never stop finding new ways to enter your home or workplace and reproduce, we make sure a full-time, trained entomologist with an understanding of pests and pesticides is on staff to quickly and accurately answer any and all questions from the field.

Long-lasting relationships – Don’t be surprised if the Pro-Pest technician who shows up at your next service, is the same one who solves your problem with pests two or even ten years from now. Many of our staff have been with us for years!

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